This site is operated by 2 dedicated Pokemon Trainers, with 1 ultimate goal, and thats to help anyone or everyone who is for whatever reason unable to play the game as much as they would like!

We offer all kinds of services from gaining extra XP to catching hard to find Pokemon which would never been obtainable from where you live, and not everyone has the oppotunity to go out and explore their area. So keeping up with your friends is now easier and 100% trusted by our customers, we know how much it means to all Pokemon trainers to have the best Pokemon and highest level.

Some would say this is cheating but we've been praised for helping fellow trainers out who are otherwise unable to keep up with their freinds. We know how fun it can be to go out and meet new people playing Pokemon Go and we constantly support this, which is why we want to keep the fun in the game. Our webiste is simply a way to keep your Pokeballs topped up, source the occasional rare Pokemon or a helping hand getting you to the next level.